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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Read my Teacher

                I did my interview with Mr.Wright. I did my interview in his theatre arts classroom from 11:50-12:00. I sat down in one of the desks, eating my lunch as I asked my questions. He sat in an upholstery-backed, plastic chair on wheels. As I took my seat, he rolled back and forth, rocking the seat with his chair. I chose this person because I see him on a regular basis and he has a very interesting personality. He is my theatre arts teacher for fifth period. I arranged it with him by asking after class.
              Mr. Wright looks almost like a toad or frog in that his lower lip almost over laps his upper, and he has bulging eyes. He has slightly crooked teeth, and gets wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes when he smiles. He has grayish-brown, and it looks almost silvery in the light. His hair is also short on the sides, and long on top. It is smoothed down, and the hairline is slightly to the right. His voice is deep and powerful, but can have a sort of softness to it depending on how he uses it. Even when he whispers you can hear every word he says. The way he speaks makes him seem amused or happy all of the time. Though his voice has a happy tone, you don't want to get him angry.

            My Interview

              The first question I asked Mr.Wright was how he met his spouse. After asking that the question he asked me "Do you want to know when I met her, or when I met her?" I asked him to tell me both, and the first time he met her was about a year before he really met her. She was just starting to teach and was asking for some pointers on how to get to know her class better. He helped her, then about a year later he really met her. He was going to see a surf competition, and was on his way back. He called her on the phone and said, "I'm in the area where you live, is it okay is I drop by?" After going to her house they talked for,"What was such a long time"
           When I asked him what his first date with his spouse was like, he said,"it was raining" to this I said that rain is magical, and he continued."We were walking on the pier as it rained, and I thought: if this girl can walk on the pier in the rain and not complain or whine at all, then she's the one for me." This is probably the best answer I could ask for, and I loved it.
           The next question I asked was what his favorite childhood memory was. He responded,"going to big bear to my grandparents cabin every summer." I then asked why, and he responded,"My family didn't do that much, so I always looked forward to that.
         My third question was what his favorite place he went to was and why. He said it was a "toss-up" between Costa-Rica and Hawaii. He said he liked Costa Rica because it has "good surf" and Hawaii is peaceful and relaxing. He said,"it's a neat place because you could have a nice beach on one side and mountains on the other." He also has good friends in Hawaii.
       I then asked Mr.Wright what his favorite tradition is that he still does today. He answered,"walking on the beach at sunset." That, in my opinion, is an amazing tradition to have and keep.
       My final question was what some fads were when he was a kid. After snorting loudly, he responded that one of the fads in his day was rolled up sleeves, but his "group" never did that. I asked about the fads that his group did, and he said having blonde hair and looking like you just went swimming. Then, his face lit up and he said, "Cruising! Everyone had to have a cool car. Well,  everyone except me. One of the best things was you'd drive into Bob's Big Boy, You know, the one that they would hook the tray on your car door. You needed to make sure that everyone saw you, but you can't really do that nowadays with gas prices."
      I really enjoyed learning more about one of my favorite teachers, Mr.Wright. I was really surprised with his favorite tradition. In general, I think that after asking Mr.Wright these questions, I look at him in a whole different way.


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